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Inertial Navigation Systems

Russian Inertial Technology for your business

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High End Inertial Systems, Miniature Inertial Systems and Compass and Inclinometer


Our inertial navigation systems are used for aerospace applications including UAV navigation, avionics, flight analysis, antenna tracking, and gyro-stabilized camera orientation, etc.

Marine and Subsea

Our inertial navigation systems are used for offshore platform stabilization, SONAR data georeferencing, ship motion monitoring, and buoy positioning


Our inertial navigation systems perfectly fit land application requirements. From small-sized to high performance, they provide accurate and reliable roll, pitch, heading, and position. You can use it in Robotics area.

Indoor navigation

More than stand-alone GPS, gyroscope or accelerometer, our range of INS/GPS fuses all data to compute more accurate position and orientation. You can you it for navigation indoors. Like Special Force, emmergency

Company news

New lite MEMS-based GNU

It is started in production new lite MEMS-based GNU.  Little weighs  and is suitable for orientation of rockets or lite airplanes.

Inertial navigation system basics

Inertial navigation is the way of position and motion parameters determination based on acceleration measurements. The key advantage of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) is autonomous determination of navigation parameters – the INS does not require any external data, such as data from satellite navigation system or radio beacon data. The development of inertial navigation technique and inertial navigation systems was one of the key factors, which enabled space flights, long-term underwater missions and nonstop flights. Inertial Navigation System (INS) is a vital element of control systems of airplanes, helicopters, missiles and marine vehicles.

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